Is God a Conservative Republican: Paul Swearengin Speaks at Q Commons

Q Commons is a Christian-based sort of “Ted Talks” event held nationwide and in local venues. The Non-Partisan Evangelical was asked to speak in Fresno, CA and this is the speech he shared.

You can read the speech in blog form Here.

Read more about Paul’s opening story in this Modern Day Parable – The Really Really Good Christian.


  1. I was replaying your Q Commons thoughts again tonight. Excellent. Thank you so much for leveling the playing field for those of us who are not evangelicals but enjoy the love, grace, mercy and kindness of God.

    1. Paul Swearengin says:

      Thanks James – that’s my hope. There is such a blindness amongst Christians right now. We are convinced that “Christian” and “Conservative Republican” are the same thing. It’s frightening…

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