Is It OK to Deconstruct? A Webinar w/ Pastor Paul: Sunday, Oct. 24, 5:30p Pacific

WHEN: Sunday, Oct. 24 at 5:30p Pacific

WHERE: ZOOM - RSVP Below to receive reminders and a link for the event

HOW MUCH: Open to all Pastor Paul Patreon Community Members at any subscription level

Is it OK to deconstruct my faith? Is God going to be mad at me?

These are questions many ask as they are re-thinking their faith in this season of life. Pastor Paul has a passion for healthiness and well-being and believes the journey of deconstruction is best done in community with others. Many have requested that Pastor Paul share the story of his deconstruction and facilitate a group that can share ideas about their deconstruction, together.
So, it’s here. You can join in this deconstruction conversation in any of three ways:
  • Our one time “Is it OK to Deconstruct?” Webinar (Open to all $5.99 subscribers to Pastor Paul’s Patreon Group)
    • This event will be a chance to learn more about Pastor Paul and his deconstruction journey and will be an intro to the Deconstruction U Discussion Cohorts
  • Our five-week “Deconstruction U Online” facilitated group (cost $200 – only 24 spaces total)
    • Class begins Oct. 31 and is held Sundays at 5:30p Pacific
  • Our five-week in-person “Deconstruction U” facilitated discussion group for those living in the Central Valley Area (Cost $250 – only 10 spaces total)
    • Class begins Oct. 25 and is held Mondays at 6p Pacific

Click on the path of your choice and let’s get started – together.

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