Joseph Comes to Town, The Novel

"Paul’s book is very much worth reading, and could not be more timely."​
James Fallows
Author, Writer for Atlantic Monthly and former speechwriter for President Jimmy Carter

The Book That Asks: Is God Really a Republican?

A Man Sharing Difficult Truth Can Change Everything: Look Inside "Joseph Comes to Town"

What happens when the Religious Right becomes religiously wrong?

Saul Thompson is the pastor of his city’s largest church, is a popular media personality and the leader of the local Evangelical Republican community. When a mysterious, miracle-working man appears in the religious, conservative town of Bekering and starts to critique the activities of partisan Christians, even Pastor Saul’s wife and son begin to ask difficult questions.

Can the mindset of a man stuck in the middle of religious/political battles be transformed? And can that man’s transformation be the beginning of the transformation of a city?

This book asks the questions so pertinent to today’s religious and political climate in America. Don’t miss Joseph Comes to Town: When the Religious Right Becomes Religiously Wrong.

"Stunning, Spectacular, Incredible. This is a Book that could shift hearts, minds and Ideologies" - Bob Prater, Author and Podcaster

"Finally, a book that offers wisdom and hope for the often-ungodly mix of religion and politic! Paul Swearengin has been behind the curtain of both and lays out a compelling vision Christians easily miss. This is a timely and important read to show how the kingdom comes to a hostile culture. It will confront your fears and challenge you to the more excellent way of loving those who need it most."
Wayne Jacobsen
Co-Author of National Best Seller "The Shack" and Author of He Loves Me and Finding Church

“Joseph Comes to Town is one of those rare gems. Paul Swearengin is uniquely positioned to write a provocative book that will challenge you to think different, encourage you to feel differently, and will leave you a better person by the final pages. Whether you’re religious, republican, democrat, or otherwise, Swearengin’s dynamic characters have something to share with you – lessons that transcend our current struggles and reunite us in our common experience of humanity. Finally! The book our world needs to navigate our complicated, changing ideological and political landscapes.”

– Laura Thomas – Author and Founder of Next Level Story

“I rarely ever read a novel. However, this novel is so true that I would forget that the characters and events and places were mostly fictionalized to avoid undue embarrassment to the families of the religious offenders. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT APPRAISAL of crass people who offend in the name of religion.”

– James Eugene Huffman – Pastor, Musician and Author


About Paul

About Paul

A renowned TV and radio personality as a sportscaster and a licensed minister, Paul is a dynamic speaker and bringer of life, excitement and hope. Paul has been part of a major health care start up and attracted $4 million in investment to start a radio broadcasting business before starting a church and launching a not-for-profit organization in 2008. He's a graduate of California State University Fresno and has authored the novel Joseph Comes to Town and anchors two podcasts: Two Guys Talkin' Fresno and The Non-Partisan Evangelical.
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