August 11, 2019

Of Course I’m Pro Life, The Question is Which Lives to Focus On

The term “Pro-life” has been taken over by the anti-abortion movement.? However, as I look out at our nation, there are many lives being destroyed.? There are the pre-born, yes.? However, there are also the 100 people killed by gun deaths…DAILY.? There are the young children being forcibly separated from their parents by ICE, and when I say young, we’re talking a few MONTHS old.? No, they may not be dead, but the psychological impact will be lasting.? How about the poor…the people with no access to a decent education, safe housing, etc.? What about the millions who are still without access to basic healthcare in our country.? Let’s talk about water…how about the lives in Flint, MI, that still don’t have safe drinking water…5 YEARS LATER.? How about the lives of our children who are going to have to fight with global warming, mountains of debt, etc. because we were UNWILLING to fix these things.? Doctors are already warning that global warming is causing a health problem to people with respiratory problems, not to mention the thousands of people killed, injured, and displaced by the ever worsening storms, floods, and rising sea level each year.

The Religious Right says “I’m pro-life”.? Great, we’re all pro life.? No one is pro-death.? The question is who’s life do you choose to focus on and advocate for.? The Bible tells us to care for the widow, orphan, stranger, foreigner, poor, and neighbor.? No where does it say to care for the pre-born.? I’m sure the pre-born are on God’s heart as well.? Yes, I believe abortion is a great evil.? However, since we can only focus on so many things at once, I believe it’s completely reasonable Biblically to focus on the situations explicitly called out in the Bible.? Furthermore, unfortunately, the GOP is ONLY interested in the lives killed by abortion.? The GOP is ACTIVELY campaigning on the premise of harming other lives, and actively legislating to harm other lives.? Therefore, I find it unBiblical to further the cause of the GOP for the sake of the unborn at the expense of the many other lives that the Bible EXPRESSLY says to defend, protect, and assist.

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