Am I Happy? A Coaching Cohort w/ Pastor Paul: Fri. Aug. 27, 5:30p Pacific

WHEN: Friday, Aug. 27 at 5:30p Pacific

WHERE: ZOOM - RSVP Below to receive reminders and a link for the event

HOW MUCH: Absolutely Free!

It’s a crazy world out there!

We are in a time of great change. As these changing times thrust many of us into a period of deconstructing our beliefs, we all are looking for a community in which to sort through what well-being looks like today. That’s the work of Pastor Paul.

Paul believes true well-being begins with knowing who we are. A strong self-identity can help us navigate life as a powerful person, not as a victim buffeted about by the beliefs of others. Re-crafting one’s story has many benefits for the individual:

  • Processing past hurts
  • Understanding weakness and gaining tools to overcome them
  • Navigating conflict well
  • Building deeper relationships
  • Being better able to discern truth
  • To truly love our neighbor as we learn to love ourselves.

By joining this cohort discussion with Pastor Paul, you’ll learn with others how to define the genesis of our identity story, how to start to change our self-view and how to begin to live a fuller life with tools to bring us into our better selves.

Come Join this great group of people who are striving for greater well-being! Because knowing who you are can change one’s perspective from surviving to thriving – on the good days, and the not-so-good ones.

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