Church; It’s NOT US! It’s YOU! A Conversation w/ a Blue Dot in Red Birmingham

I’m always amazed at the inability of evangelicals to look in the mirror and think, could these voices of deconstruction have something valid to say? The excuse is often – well, they’re just hurt from religious upbringing and rejecting the Church of their youth! But what do you say to someone who didn’t grow up in the church and loves the Church but finds they’ve had to walk away? Lindsay Booker is someone who’s asking the church to consider that maybe it’s not us. It’s you. Why would a successful entrepreneur in Birmingham, Alabama be a blue dot in the middle of a very red state and city putting livelihoods, relationships and even personal wellbeing at risk to say, “I can’t be a part of that anymore.” Who is the B ham blue dot, the blue dot in the middle of Birmingham, Alabama, a red state? #TikTokPastor #evangelicalish #ReligiousRightReligiouslyWrong #unconventionalconversations #NonPartisanEvangelical #GodIsNOTmadAtYou #MindRenewal @PastorPaul_TikTok

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