God n’ Guns: Was Jesus ‘Manly Enough?’ An NPE Conversation w/ Bob Prater

Is it “manly” to have armed security in a church? Are we somehow weaker and “neutered” (as one pastor recently put it) if we don’t have an itchy trigger finger on our weaponry?

Bob Prater joins Paul Swearengin on this NPE podcast to discuss “Faux Masculinity” and how this manmade view of Jesus has caused much trauma in the church and much damage to the message of the Bible – in fact, the issue is so egregious to our hosts, you will head a few angry, not-so-holy words slip through their lips.

This is Part 1 of a two part discussion with Bob Prater. The second half is available to our Patreon Community only. You can subscribe and access that Part 2 at Patreon.com/NPEPodcast

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