How Do Millennials See Faith and Politics? Let’s Ask…

Sydney Swearengin is a college student who has grown up in the church with a father involved in church leadership and a mother in politics. How does she see the politics of the church? Let’s ask her. Oh, by the way, she’s the daughter of the podcast host!

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  1. Janet Heidinger says:

    I enjoyed listening to this discussion very much. I appreciated all of the insights that Sydney made, and how she combined her historical & social awareness to give some very valuable information as a Gen X/Millennial Christian and voter. Good questions as well! I hope you shall continue to get feedback from these astute younger people.

    1. Paul Swearengin says:

      Janet – thanks for the feedback! Yes, Syd is a brilliant young woman. You will hear more from younger people I’m getting to know these days. They have some amazing things to say.

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