P&A Talk Fear of Media and Equal Economic Opportunity

Should Christians live in fear and disdain of the “evil main stream media” or have we been manipulated by those who don’t want to be questioned by democracy’s “fourth estate?” Have we chosen to not love truth and no longer trust God to help us with discernment as we listen to different opinions? And have Christians decided it’s not “Christ-like” to ask elected officials to be accountable for their words and work? Paul shares his take on the state of media and its audience and Ashley shares her experience of facing reporters as an elected official.

Also, Ashley shares her heart on equal economic opportunity for all people and races. Don’t miss Ashley’s story of how important she feels this issue is on God’s heart, as well.

Paul and Ashley are driving again – and recording their lives for you to enjoy and to be challenged. Don’t miss this important episode.

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Here is a Sampler of the Paul and Ashley Podcast on NPE

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