Sergio: A DACA Dreamer. Let’s Talk Illegal Immigration

Sergio is a tax payer, a business owner, an employer with an American wife and an American baby. He’s active in his community to make it a better place. Sergio is living the American dream! Except, he’s not an American. He feels like an American. It’s the only home he’s really ever known. But, there’s currently no path for him to become a legal citizen of the United States since the actions of the current president and administration has made it impossible for that to happen.

Illegal immigration. You’ve heard about it, discussed it, been angry about it, perhaps. But have you ever actually heard the story of someone who’s lived it. Come join us as we talk to an actual undocumented person, who lives right in your neighborhood, on this edition of the Non-Partisan Evangelical.


Old Pastor, New Conversations: A Millennials Discussion Group about Faith

Many younger adults are leaving the Christian Church because their social perspectives don’t line up with the political beliefs of the Evangelical Church.

Paul Swearengin has served as the leader of a local Evangelical Church for ten years and he wants you to know – you don’t have to believe the way your Grandparents believed. We can build from the foundations of the past to see what God has for your generation and beyond.

It all begins Feb. 13. Sign up for your spot now – and you’ll be entered to win a $25 Dutch Bros gift card.

What Would Jesus Say About the Religious Right?

Now you can read about it – and hear it – in Paul Swearengin’s new Novel: Joseph Comes to Town: When the Religious Right Goes Religiously Wrong

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