Talking to Obama; Embarrassing Moments in the Pulpit: The P&A Podcast.

Paul and Ashley Swearengin share their lives with you on the Non-Partisan Evangelical through the Paul and Ashley Podcast on NPE.

Today Paul and Ashley play a game of asking each other questions to share their lives (while driving, of course.) What did Ashley says to President Obama the first time she met him? Did Paul ever have a funniest home videos moment while preaching?

Learn more about these two in the goofiest P&A podcast yet!

Ashley is the former Mayor of Fresno and Paul is a former sportscaster and former leader of an evangelical church. Their lives were forever changed when they learned that God’s command of their faith was to go after the “welfare of their city” rather than demanding people follow the rules of the Bible. That change of mindset radically changed the course of their lives. They are followers of God who want to see justice and opportunity spread throughout their city, region, state and the world!

Join the podcast as Paul and Ashley share their lives through the Paul and Ashley Podcast on the Non-Partisan Evangelical.

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