To Be Christ-Like You Should Know What Christ Was Like

On “Saturday Morning Coffee With Paul and Ashley” Paul shares the five most important things he’s learned in 55+ years!

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[00:00:00] Paul Swearengin: You’d have to take your mic off. Hi, Ashley, forgot a prop. Do you want to go get it or that,

Ashley Swearengin: how about we save it for the end? We’ll do like

Paul Swearengin: a cause you’ll have to take off your mic.

Ashley Swearengin: I know, I understand. We’ll do a

Paul Swearengin: grand reveal. I do have a great prop today though.

Ashley Swearengin: Let’s see it.

Paul Swearengin: So it’s my birthday today. If you didn’t know that happy

Ashley Swearengin: birthday to Paul.

Well, the whole, the whole time I was about to say show. This is like, this is hardly a show. The WTA to fall nationally today is 100% dedicated to celebrating Paul’s birthday.

Paul Swearengin: So if you don’t like me, you’re not going to like the show.

Ashley Swearengin: Well, maybe it could be entertaining to watch and to fire away in the chat.

Um, reasons why you don’t like Paul. True.

Paul Swearengin: That’d be great.

Ashley Swearengin: I would suggest

Paul Swearengin: let’s do that. What do you hate about Paul? That would be awesome. Nevermind.

Ashley Swearengin: Let’s do the opposite today is Paul’s birthday. And so, um, you know what I asked him last night, [00:01:00] what he was looking forward to about his birthday. Cause it’s like, okay.

You know, by the time you’re. All right. Your age, whatever. Like, you’re not exactly

Paul Swearengin: double fives

Ashley Swearengin: by the way goals. Um, you know, you’re not exactly like into the party scene. Yeah. And you said, yeah, but people, people say happy birthday to me on Facebook. And that’s what I really

Paul Swearengin: like without question it’s the best.

It’s the reason I would never totally give up. Facebook has just birthdays on Facebook are

Ashley Swearengin: incredible. So, um, Paul is a words guy. And uh, if you’re watching, send them a note and

Paul Swearengin: just

Ashley Swearengin: your birthday wish. Okay.

Paul Swearengin: A crepe Parisien from our friends at Louisianan, a restaurant at. Palm and knees and you have to go to the one at Palm and knees, not any of the other ones.

We don’t know the owners of the other ones. We just know the owner of the one at Palm and knees. So it’s incredible. So, um, my birthday breakfast

Ashley Swearengin: so that, okay, so COVID, we didn’t know if [00:02:00] was open for those of you who live in the central San Joaquin Valley. You may know this restaurant. Um, is really fantastic.

The lady who started is actually from France. So you go in there and it’s like a French bakery and they do crepes and they do,

Paul Swearengin: Oh, we got some great macrons. We brought

Ashley Swearengin: the name of the president? Isn’t it? The printer. Yeah,

Paul Swearengin: but I think that a macaroni, well, that’s the English

Ashley Swearengin: I got him some macaroni. So anyway, we didn’t know if the store was open and we kept driving by like late in the day and they’re not open anyway, even COVID in the

Paul Swearengin: later.

So we just didn’t know.

Ashley Swearengin: So I drove over this morning, birthday surprise. They are open and pull off his favorite crepe, pretty

Paul Swearengin: easy. And although the crate pesto is outstanding as well,

Ashley Swearengin: a little bit ham, cheese, egg, and bacon

Paul Swearengin: and homemade crepes. They make them right there. Yeah. Cummins shop. So that’s your big birthday and a Starbucks coffee.

Ashley Swearengin: Yeah. So today is, uh, [00:03:00] is Saturday, September 26th, and we are celebrating Paul’s

Paul Swearengin: 50, 50, and many people are already saying happy birthday in the comments. Also also it’s our son’s birthday as well.

Ashley Swearengin: Yes. So we have a double birthday family. Sam swear engine is 17 years old today. He’s not awake yet was 10 30

Paul Swearengin: because he’s 17.


Ashley Swearengin: what? 17 year old, about 11, 15 or 1130. He’s gonna wake up and he too will receive a great present for his birthday.

Paul Swearengin: Some macaroni.

Ashley Swearengin: Yeah. Um, yeah. So it’s all about the birthday today and you’re watching the nonpartisan evangelical wth with Paula naturally are

Paul Swearengin: fun.

Ashley Swearengin: Yeah. And we’ve been doing this now.

How long? Like,

Paul Swearengin: well, since, since really the start of COVID like the starting shelter, not exactly the start.

Ashley Swearengin: Do you remember what sort of drew us into these weekly conversations? I do.

Paul Swearengin: It was, it was a protest, right? Black lives matter protest.

Ashley Swearengin: Well, [00:04:00] actually I would say

Paul Swearengin: before BLM, right?

Ashley Swearengin: I would say it this way.

Um, we were watching on camera when. Um, when local far right protestors showed up on the doorstep of a city council members of partment. And we were

Paul Swearengin: just,

Ashley Swearengin: banging on his door with his young children in. The apartment and a scuffle ensues on the front porch, down the steps. And we’re like, w T

Paul Swearengin: H what is going

Ashley Swearengin: on?


Paul Swearengin: wth doesn’t stand for what is going on, what the heck, what the hell

Ashley Swearengin: anyway, so that, you know, we just were like, we gotta talk about this. We got to talk to each other. Yeah. This help is very

Paul Swearengin: therapeutic for us. We

Ashley Swearengin: wanted to create a space for other people to be like, man, time out. This is not the society that, uh, that we believe God has called us to believe for and work towards.

[00:05:00] And, um, anyway, so this, this became a little Saturday night. Yeah. This

Paul Swearengin: is kind of cool. Uh, Jason on the comments says his son was born on his birthday and turned 17 this year as well. What are the chances. Well, congratulations, Jason and son, whatever your birthday was. I got to fix one thing here. This is me a little bit, just like that.



Ashley Swearengin: go. Perfect.

Paul Swearengin: This is live video.

Ashley Swearengin: So yeah, so this Saturday we thought we would do something a little different. Normally we like to reflect on the week, we take a look at what Paul has been posting on the nonpartisan evangelical site. And, um, really honestly, just kind of wherever we feel like we need to talk about last week.

Talked a lot about justice Ginsburg, her passing, what was going on in response to that? That’s right. It actually, we, we got off of the, our little time together last week and we’re like, yeah, boom,

Paul Swearengin: nailed it.

Ashley Swearengin: That was, we felt so like what? Not like a congratulatory thing. It just was like, you know, that [00:06:00] feeling of like, Whoa, that itch got scratched.

The thing that we really felt like we needed to say. That happened now, whether or not people care, whether or not people agree or influence any way, that’s not, that’s not up to us. All we know we’re supposed to do is just kind of push out there and try to create a space for people to think differently.

Paul Swearengin: So you’re saying we don’t do this for anybody watching. We’re just doing this for us.

Ashley Swearengin: Yeah. Kind of. I mean, I’m kind of saying that it’s not up to us as to whether or not. You know, people know about this or, or follow or whatever, like we’re just doing what we believe we are called to do. And that is, um, gosh, you know, and I don’t mean to get this heavy, cause we really are going to just celebrate Paul’s birthday today, but yeah.

Um, you know, w we feel like it’s a time to reflect on what’s going on in the political evangelical church, which tends to be almost predominantly white. Um, and just say, man, is this, what is this what God, it looks like, is this what God should look like? To friends, neighbors, community, [00:07:00] society, the nation and the world.

And we think, no, it’s not.

Paul Swearengin: And from the response we’re hearing from you guys, it’s, it’s hitting a spot for you as well. And, and what we’re finding there, there was a story in the Bible where he, Elijah thought he was the only one left who fought like him. And then God was like, no, no, there’s 7,000 more of you.

Um, and I think we’re, we started felt like, are we the only of Angelicals that see this as being nut balls right now? And we felt that way for a long, long time. And, and so we’re really excited to find out there are many of you out there who are saying no, no, no, that’s us. That’s us too. And at times we’re like, can we even call ourselves ever Angelicals anymore?

Are we even going in that direction anymore? And so. Um, I think what evangelicalism and republicanism has become, maybe we’re not that anymore, but we still consider ourselves in those, those fields and excited to hear y’all Ronald says hitting a spot for them. And so we’re just really happy that there many of [00:08:00] you out there saying no, no, we’re out here too.

And thanks for voicing what we’re, what we’re saying.

Ashley Swearengin: And, um, it’s not insignificant. Um, you know, we understand that. Can I, as we, as we maintain our position with, you know, I’m looking to have it, yeah. Looking to reflect who, who we have experienced God to be, I’m believing, believing in him and that, and that, that calls us to show up differently in our communities and society.

Like God uses that, you know, I almost always kind of feel like it’s like, we’re, you know, we’re vessels or whatever. And I know that’s kind of a Christian churchy type of word, but. Um, but I think standing your ground and believing for something different, actually God totally works with that. And it is the stuff of change that we need right now.

So it’s not just a little thing in passing. It’s a bit good. It’s a big deal.

Paul Swearengin: Yeah. And, and I, I don’t want to get somewhere down the line and say, Oh, I should have said something. And I think I’m already there in some ways, I’m like, Oh, I should have spoken [00:09:00] up a lot earlier. And maybe we wouldn’t have lost a bunch of people to this nuttiness, but.

But I don’t want, from this day forward to say, Oh, I didn’t speak up because I was afraid somebody would be mad at me. So I’m, I’m pretty much behind that for the most part though, there are days where I’m better at it.

Ashley Swearengin: So before we get to what we have planned for today, do you want to do like one it’s like your favorite post this week?

Just like one thing, can you. Oh,

Paul Swearengin: I can’t remember whatever even posted. Um, I think one of the, one of the memes, I posted some great memes this week, by the way. And you’ve got to share them, share them out there for me. So people will find this week. So two things happened in social media this week that are interesting.

Can I tell about the local one though? The local you don’t care? Okay. So my favorite meme, I think was. You know, like we talked about the Republicans being hypocritical and what they were doing with the Supreme court. And so of course, everybody I know are like, yeah, but you know, those Democrats are hypocrites too.

And so my meme was. [00:10:00] Somebody else’s hypocrisy does not make your hypocrisy. I’m hypocritical. You’re you’re still a hypocrite. Even if the other side does it too, doesn’t make you not a hippie, right.

Ashley Swearengin: Two negatives do not make a positive in

Paul Swearengin: this scenario. And so then I even posted on that meme that I I’m praying the Republicans will change course.

Cause I truly believe if they force this nomination through our country has changed forever change forever, because what they’re saying and saying out loud, really. Is, we have the power we are going to do because we can. And that’s a great philosophy as long as you maintain power, but if you lose power, like say.

In an election coming up in November, then the other side, all of a sudden he’s like, yeah, well now we have power and we can do whatever we want to do. So somebody has to have character morals and integrity to say

Ashley Swearengin: to that, but he’s gotta make a sacrifice. You know, it’s like the wheels are turning and somebody’s gotta be the monkey wrench that, um, and it is [00:11:00] going to be political sacrifice.

It is going to be. Um, yeah, it’s like throwing your body on the grid aid. It is that moment for this nation. Um, socially and politically,

Paul Swearengin: I always compare it to the Hatfields and McCoys is, and the only way Hatfield’s and McCoy’s stop killing each other until they’re all dead is somebody refuses to get revenge.

That’s the only way it stops. And, and so I, I think the Senate may have already inexorably changed the country and the president. And maybe we’re, we’re beyond that, but this is a moment where I think if some Republicans have integrity and some evangelical Christians who are their supporters of integrity would step up and say, no, do not do this.

Our country cannot afford it. Maybe we could turn it. Maybe if people would pray in those lines instead of praying. God go get those bad liberals. We could see that changed. We could see something.

Ashley Swearengin: Okay. So, [00:12:00] um, and, and this is the, the hopeful part of this message. Okay. Okay. Um, we know that God works through all things and as grievous, as it feels to consider jamming through a replacement on the Supreme court and it is, and there will be consequences to that.

And I believe that men and women who have, who have committed their hearts to things that are not of God, And are there serving power and not God. And the worst part of it is when they say they’re serving God, but they’re really serving their own powers or an interest. That’s the most disgusting thing. I mean, that’s like,

Paul Swearengin: I always ask, why am I harder on the right than the left?

Because the right claims they’re doing it

Ashley Swearengin: in God’s name and the name of Jesus

Paul Swearengin: that’s agregious.

Ashley Swearengin: So it, it really is. It is the thing that will bring a house down period, full stop. So I’m not in any way sugarcoating. That decision, but I will say this, should that be what happens? We have [00:13:00] to, we have to submit our disappointment and our pain.

We have to submit it to God and say like, you can use even this and your glory. Like you can bring glory out of the most tragic situations. And so we have to

Paul Swearengin: stand for that. And the truth is it I’m starting to believe it may be that well for one, I know all of this hypocrisy. This idea of all the reasons Christians used to vote Republican at the end of the day.

Really, we, we love the idea of being in charge. We really love the idea of being able to impose our own laws, that it’s really now about power, more than any moral outcomes.

Ashley Swearengin: And we’ve convinced ourselves that this is heaven’s mandate for us. Like it’s just really stinky.

Paul Swearengin: If you think about it, we’re afraid of Sharia law, but isn’t it.

Imposing Christian laws, some form of like religious, the theocratic rule that we’re looking for. But anyway, it’s, I think it had to be exposed and maybe, and [00:14:00] maybe God wants it to be changed. Maybe, maybe change that’s coming. I think with the next generation anyway, is being hastened by this. And, and so maybe it’s worth it.

Maybe it’s worth it to go through. Yes. Okay.

Ashley Swearengin: All right. So we said we weren’t going to.

Paul Swearengin: Yes

Ashley Swearengin: to have it. We’re already down that path, but, um, okay. So let’s get back into birthday mode first. I want to just say thank you to Rosie and Curtis Kemp for this awesome birthday present. It is kick butt spice rub set.

Paul Swearengin: Yeah. So we got that one day and then the next day they set a stakes to go with it.

Ashley Swearengin: Honestly, just the box that said kick-butt like, literally this is a can of kick button. So Paul is going to open it up, open up a candidate.

Paul Swearengin: Let’s kick butt and our friends, Brian and Aneesha Klein hammer

Ashley Swearengin: gave us

Paul Swearengin: 95 masks.

Ashley Swearengin: Our only two, we’ve not had it in 95 this whole time. So covert birthday in 90 fives create [00:15:00] precision and kick

Paul Swearengin: butt spice rub. And we’re good. Yeah. And we have a gift idea for everybody else.

Ashley Swearengin: Yeah. You know what, if you’re sitting there thinking, Oh my gosh, I forgot to get

Paul Swearengin: the call

Ashley Swearengin: gift. Um, here’s what you can do.

You can go online to NPE in PE Click on the button in the upper right corner that says Patrion, and you can sign up it five 99 a month. Those dollars

Paul Swearengin: a minimum of five 99 a month. You can go higher if you like.

Ashley Swearengin: But, you know, I was kind of thinking he was turning 55, so it could be like, you know, give him five bucks a month for his birthday for maybe try it for a couple months if you like the content.

But, um, We try to raise money on that site to support things like ads, to boost viewership of the things we’re talking about here, equipment that, you know, we’ve tried to purchase editors, like, you know, a little bit of soft costs, um, to help save some time and what Paul’s doing so that he can actually keep, keep this up.

So we would love [00:16:00] to get 55 people. This is the birthday angle, 55 people, if five 99 a month, that would be amazing.

Paul Swearengin: That’s a cheap gift. Yeah. That’s barely a Starbucks coffee,

Ashley Swearengin: right. You know, a month, a month. And then you have to like, remember if you don’t want to do it forever.

Paul Swearengin: So NPE in the upper right hand corner, there’s a Patrion button.

You hit that and it’ll take you through the process of signing up and to get the 55. I think we’re going to need some people to like, get a membership for themselves. And then for three of their friends, which you can do as well,

Ashley Swearengin: early, early Starling stepper. And if you really want to tick off your like boomer parents or in-laws get them a subscription to NP,

Paul Swearengin: but it’s really cool to sign up.

You get to be part of our NP private group, which I’m, I’m spending a lot of time with that group now and having a lot of fun. And you’ll enjoy that. I did, I did a Facebook live just for the private group this week. And segment four and segment five of the audio book are [00:17:00] on there. Now they’re super cool.

I do kind of exclusive commentaries and say, Hey, this is why I wrote this. This is what this is about. And so I think it’s worth it. I think you’ll enjoy it for five years.

Ashley Swearengin: And I think your intention is to make yourself more available for just like engaging and answering questions or. You know, even if, um, gosh, if you’ve got stuff you need prayer for or whatever, like that’s a, that’s a good spot.

The private Facebook group. Um, the other thing I want to mention is that your audio book, like you’ve got people pounding on the table saying, what’s the next section going to be released? Yeah, we had one lady say, um, like, can you please hurry up and get that recorded? Because she was on a cliffhanger.

What’s going to happen next.

Paul Swearengin: So, yeah. So it’s nine segments total. We’ll have it finished by election day. And I really am loving reading it. I get to read the book again. And of course now as an author, I’m like, Oh, I should have changed that. Oh, I should have changed that. But, uh, I

Ashley Swearengin: can’t you reading it exactly as printed though.

Paul Swearengin: I made

Ashley Swearengin: a little variation. Yeah. Well, and it would have been done faster except for it’s COVID and [00:18:00] we’re all still working at home and you know, the dog is barking and I’m in the other room zooming. And so it’s hard to find

Paul Swearengin: something defined recording time. Yes. And then the yard guy comes and. Yes

Ashley Swearengin: right.

A day, a day in the life of the nonpartisan

Paul Swearengin: evangelical.

Ashley Swearengin: Okay. So let’s skip

Paul Swearengin: to the birthday festivities.

Ashley Swearengin: I asked Paul for your birthday five, five, five. I would love to hear from you, um, five truths that you have discovered, or that you would like to lift up for your 55 birthday. You get five truths.


Paul Swearengin: so

Ashley Swearengin: five, 5.5. Um, so these are Paul’s deep thoughts. On his 55th birthday and I don’t know what they are so they could be, um, could

Paul Swearengin: be, and now they’re changing even as I’m. Okay.

Ashley Swearengin: So let’s hit it.

Paul Swearengin: So here’s number one. Okay. And then I’m making a video about this right now, by the way. And that is to be Christ-like.

You really have to know what Christ is like. And I feel like, [00:19:00] uh, as Christians we’ve read the Bible as Christian evangelicals, I should say, we’ve read the Bible and we’ve interpreted this. Blue eyed American, right wing, staunch, angry divisive kind of love the center, but really hate the Jesus. That is just not the Jesus of the Bible.

And that Jesus, somebody, I was asking somebody online today, you know, where do you see the staunch right. Wing Jesus in the Bible. And so they of course responded like, well, do you think he’s a liberal. Uh, which I, which I said, I asked you first, but I think, you know, just to use an example, the story of the woman caught in adultery, that the story we called the woman caught in adultery in the Bible.

We love that line of go and sin no more, but we totally miss what happens in that story. That Jesus is saying, I don’t care what the law says. And what the penalty, the law says, I’m saying you ain’t throw in a rocket this woman today. [00:20:00] And the reason is because I believe the system you’ve set up that led her to this act is worse than the act of that she did.

And so that’s done

Ashley Swearengin: again, that’s

Paul Swearengin: conservative to

Ashley Swearengin: me and that’s honestly, that is today’s social justice message,

Paul Swearengin: right? We’re screaming law and order. I think we should look at what happens in that story. Jesus is saying, I am less concerned about the act that you’re accusing her of than I am about the system.

You guys, you self-righteous Christian godly religious right. Leaders have put in place that got her there in the first place. I’m way more concerned about that. So that doesn’t sound like a staunch conservative right? Republican to me. No,

Ashley Swearengin: it was very counterculture.

Paul Swearengin: Yeah. Yeah. So I think. If we want to be Christ, like it’s really important that we know what Christ

Ashley Swearengin: was.

Okay. So, um, five and a half truths from Paul on his [00:21:00] 55th birthday. Number one to be Christ. Like you have to know what Christ. Yeah, that’s really good.

Paul Swearengin: Clever. Huh? I give

Ashley Swearengin: that up. Let’s hear number two.

Paul Swearengin: So this is Jesus is not coming soon morning or night or noon. You know that song. Oh, you never heard that.

When I was a kid, Jesus says, cut me. You can Sue in morning or NA eight or noon. And it’s just really happy song. That’s saying, if you don’t get your bleeping order, Jesus has got to come and leave you behind it. At six, six, six has got to be nailed on your forehead and you are screwed and we’ll be happy that you’re screwed.

What a horrible, horrible teaching. Um, I think the eschatology of that I was taught as a kid. Eschatology means sort of this last days end of the world, teaching is maybe the most damaging teacher that’s ever been propagated on people. And it’s actually a very new theology. It was never [00:22:00] in the early history of the church, but this idea that this rapture is going to happen any day has had a couple of impacts.

One. And I can relate to this and you probably can, too. It has traumatized many young children into believing. Mom and dad have been taken and I’m left behind. And I can’t tell you how many times did you ever have that happen?

Ashley Swearengin: I mean, I don’t think I was ever like thinking my parents had disappeared. I didn’t know where they were.

When did you have that happen?

Paul Swearengin: Oh, numerous times, but I remember one specifically in seventh grade. I came home from school. I think I, you know, I was still walking home from school back in those days and I’d walked home. Maybe it was eighth grade and I came into the house and the TV was on, the water was running in the kitchen and there was nobody home and, and that never, never happened.

And I don’t know why, where were they? I don’t remember now. I don’t remember, but, but for [00:23:00] seven, I think two hours, maybe I just sat in new

Ashley Swearengin: poor thing. That’s really all

Paul Swearengin: I think, yeah. Now, today, I guess you could go on social media, but there just wasn’t like, you couldn’t even, I thought I could turn on 700 club and see if Pat Robertson would still there, but then I thought, well, they record those.

So, so yeah, it was like two hours. I was certain. I had been left behind.

Ashley Swearengin: I have walked into my office a couple of times recently and no one was there and thought, wait,

Paul Swearengin: did I miss it? So I believe. And so here’s the other damage that this

Ashley Swearengin: is probably more

Paul Swearengin: even

Ashley Swearengin: the real damage damages from that

Paul Swearengin: is that it has caused us to believe the world is supposed to get increasingly evil and we actually celebrate.

So we look for evil and we celebrate when we find it,

Ashley Swearengin: because then it bear it, validates our thinking or theology. Yeah.

Paul Swearengin: Yeah.

Ashley Swearengin: And we just like our hands off, you know, like, yeah, we don’t have to, you know, that needs to get worse and worse and worse for Jesus to come back soon morning, night or [00:24:00] noon.

Paul Swearengin: And why would I care about fixing a system in a city?

Why would I care about justice in the city? Why care about the environment? Why care about climate change? God’s blowing all this up any day now. Anyway. So why would I give a flying bleep about any of that? And so I want to tell you, I believe that teaching is completely wrong. Completely wrong. And me teaching this in our church caused people to leave and not even teaching it, but teaching like, Hey, here’s another way to look at what the Bible says and took the Bible and started saying, okay, there’s two passages that look like this rapture thing.

You’re talking about that a whole bunch of others that say our job is to prepare the world as a bride. For a coming groom. So that doesn’t look like I’m, we’re going to have a wedding. Let’s go find all the bad things happening in the world and celebrate them and set up TV shows to talk about them all the time.

No, you would be like, how do we make the room look amazing? How do we start to plan to get flowers? How do we get our best clothing to [00:25:00] wear? And, and I believe that’s how the world is supposed to be being treated. By Christians, how do we make this the best place it can possibly be? So when the groom comes, it’ll be right.

Ashley Swearengin: I remember, um, this is a really, really big thing for evangelical Christian. So for those of you who don’t come from that perspective, you could be like, gosh, why are you. Why, you know, why are you spending so much time on this? This is, this is a really big thing. So, um, wasn’t it Sydney, when she was little who your parents were visiting and she are in your mom made reference to the rapture and Sydney spouts.

We don’t believe in the Raptor. Mother-in-law was like the sweetest, sweetest, like praying woman, like devoted to her faith. And her family was just really devastated. And you look at her and he said,

Paul Swearengin: To go in the rapture. You don’t have to believe in the rapture. If the rapture occurs, you have to believe in Jesus to go.

So if it happens, we’ll go. We just don’t believe it’s going to

[00:26:00] Ashley Swearengin: happen. Well, even like investing in making sure that that is like a sub truth that we need to invest in and make sure it’s true. It’s really like. Almost like, kind of who cares, like, like all that causes you to do, as you just said, is undermine our ability to positively impact society and culture, because we’re just like, you know, in our hands of it and just kind of sitting back and saying, Hey, we’re going to go up to glory someday soon.

You know, I, I have friends who, you know, they don’t buy green

Paul Swearengin: bananas. Because we’re not going to get there

Ashley Swearengin: that they’re going to be around in three days time, given everything that’s going on in the world, you know, and the wildfires and this and that, like don’t buy ripe bananas or green bananas because we may not be here to eat them.

And, um, and it’s just, it really, it really is like an abdication of spiritual calling that we all have to like pray into and bless and work towards. Shalom, you know,

Paul Swearengin: and, and maybe some [00:27:00] people have had hell and hell fire and brimstone conversions because of it. But I, but I really don’t believe in general, those are the types of conversions.

God wants. God, God wants people to come let his kindness, draw them to repentance. And so. Jesus is not coming soon morning or night or near. I do have to say my friend, Tom says in Bible college, they staged date rapture early one morning. They blew trumpets while hiding in a maintenance closet, left bars of soap in a running shower, left boxers on beds.


Oh, that’s. That is hilarious. So cruel. And so you tell him, Oh,

Ashley Swearengin: I would love to hear other like rapture, rapture parties or whatever, if others have had that experience. That’s crazy. Okay. So that was number two. We’re moving on to number three. Again, if you’re just tuning in it’s Paul’s 55th birthday, this is the nonpartisan evangelical.

We are celebrating Paul today by asking him five trues and a half truth to celebrate his [00:28:00] 55th birthday. All these years of wisdom that you’ve developed, you’re now sharing with the world.

Paul Swearengin: So number three is if you don’t know who you are, how is anybody else going to know who you are? Um, and it’s another thing of the, I do executive coaching with people and we work on our core health and our core emotional wellbeing.

And in some ways Christianity teaches, we’re all dirt. We’re, we’re lucky that God doesn’t fry us right at this moment. And I think the whole of the story of the Bible is. The, the being that created all of us thinks we’re amazing. Says you are good declares. You good. And then pursues you in relationship for your entire life.

So why would we sit around and tell ourselves we’re horrible and dirt? When the Bible says we’re actually the most amazing thing. Ever and that any sin we had was wiped out on the cross and God now says it’s as far as the East is from the West. So why would we sit around and telling ourselves how bad we are when in fact, if we know our true [00:29:00] identity as being valuable, because we’re human not valuable because we’re good or deserving of goodness to come to us because of our great righteousness, which is what the Pharisees believed, but we’re valuable because we’re human.

Because we exist and because we’re connected with each other, then we become a different being. We start to live from a different narrative about ourselves and then become better people. It’s not about become better people and then be deserving, but starting to understand our value and that changes our behavior.

Ashley Swearengin: And when you it’s been really, it’s been really amazing to watch your personal journey and kind of coming out of. Um, you know, probably, probably not fair to lay it out all entirely at the feet of the evangelical church, but, but heavily, heavily rooted in kind of the culture of that church, you know, the way, you know, your family members, et cetera, kind of walk that out.

A lot of shame. Lots of shame, especially if you grew up in a culture where you believed you could lose your salvation, which as a Baptist, like at least [00:30:00] I’m like,

Paul Swearengin: but if you were listening to a foreigner rock music songs, you suddenly weren’t going in the rapture anymore.

Ashley Swearengin: Yeah. So this was like, the one difference in our upbringing is like you guys spoke in tongues and you could lose your.

Salvation and we are much more cerebral Baptist and like, you know, God’s, grace extends over everything. So anyway, um, but a lot of shame that you kind of get piled on you. If you grow up thinking that any second, you could slip up and do it disappoint God and lose her salvation. And of course this point, your parents.

Yeah. And so I’ve watched you kind of get all of that. Deep rooted stuff, undone the mud, wiped off your goggles and be able to see more clearly and then help other people, um, in their own journeys and a lot, you know, look, this is just life and society. And like a lot of people have those same experiences, not related to the church and they just need to be told, like, Is you just said you are precious, you are hardwired the way you are.

God created you uniquely. And when that, that changes your individual outlook, but then imagine person [00:31:00] after person, after person, after person, after person, times the world’s population or the community’s population or whatever footprint you’re thinking about, like that truly is transforming of relationships in society.

And so, um, when I think I was like, Can I use, tend to focus in on like the individual and then I’m zooming out on like the community, the city, you know, whatever that kind of the, the corporate experience of this individual truth you’re bringing forward. So that corporate experience, like how we would relate to one another, how we would solve problems together, how we would listen to one another differently is fundamentally transformed as this individual truth

Paul Swearengin: comes forward.

It’s good. Yeah. Yeah. The story of the woman at the well, and the Bible, to me really, it’s an example of Jesus knowing who he is and the woman saying, well, your people say we’re supposed to worship like this in this place. And our people say it’s supposed to be over here. And she and her people were hated by the Jews [00:32:00] because they perverted their religion and didn’t worship.

Right. And she’s like, so which is it? This or this? And he’s like, neither of those are what matters. Understanding who you are and who your relationship is, is what matters and changes things. And so then she went and the great part of that story is she goes and gets all her friends to come meet this guy that told me everything I ever did.

And I think that’s, if we’re powerful and truly know our story, and we’re not serving this harsh, God, we’re not going to portray a harsh God to other people. That’s what my book is all about. There you go. Comes to town, get the audio book. Right now for Paul’s birthday, five 99 on Patriot and go to NPE

Click on that Patrion button then. Yes, there you go. Well done. And if they sign up for 1299, they get a free autographed copy. Okay. Commercial

Ashley Swearengin: over. Um, and I should also mention. If you live in the Fresno area, personal delivery,

Paul Swearengin: because

Ashley Swearengin: I’ve seen Paul be like, I got to go drop off a book at Starbucks. So like somebody meeting me there.

[00:33:00] So

Paul Swearengin: this week and DeAnn to two new patriotic people this week and Ronald and gosh, Cindy, I think I’m sorry. I forgot from Michigan signed up this week. I think they’re watching right now.

Ashley Swearengin: We mailed those on Saturday. So hopefully the post office. Get you your book,

Paul Swearengin: USBs, baby. Come on. Pray for them. During an election season here.

Number four,

Ashley Swearengin: five truths from Paul on his 55th birthday.

Paul Swearengin: God, it is okay with you changing your mind. In fact, he commands you to do it. Yes. Sometimes we believe we’re supposed to hold on

Ashley Swearengin: to

Paul Swearengin: no, that is your whole,

Ashley Swearengin: hold on. I gotta look

Paul Swearengin: into this. Okay. Explain Romans 12, two. Says, don’t be conformed to this age.

And what it’s saying is the AI it’s like, don’t be conformed to your bubble. I think we would say today, don’t be, don’t feel like you have to defend your belief at all costs, [00:34:00] but be willing to be transformed by the renewal of your mind so that you can know the good and perfect will of God in the season.

If you’re holding onto a long time belief system, it takes away your ability to see something new that can come along. And so the word repent doesn’t mean I’m really ashamed that I still bubble gum in the tea when I was 12 years old, repent means change your mind and change your direction. It means turn and go in another way.

So repentance means I’m going to be open to hear a viewpoint that’s different than mine. And what we see in the right wing evangelical world these days is like, I don’t want to hear any other truth. I’m only going to listen to media that supports what I believe. And so when you start having conversations with people, you can’t even have a conversation because they’re so deep into their belief that what they hear on the right wing media is the only truth and everything else is fake news that you can’t even start to have a discussion.

So one of the things I [00:35:00] constantly recommend people is like, whatever media you’re beholden to, whatever. Edifies your bubble over and over. Stop listening to that for a week, I wrote a blog about God helping me into my addiction to rush Limbaugh. And I truly think listening to rush Limbaugh on heavy doses on an ongoing basis impacts your ability to be Christ like in your life.

I know it changed my life to stop listening to it. And so God is okay with you exploring the belief systems of others. Around you because he wants to teach you something new. So you can be transformed with the renewing of your mind. So you can consistently be sure the only thing you have to lose in trying it is that you may find some freedom that you didn’t know what’s out there to be had.

Ashley Swearengin: Um, yeah, so that’s a real, that’s a real head scratcher brain stretcher. So, um, and that, I would say as we’re kind of like charting your life through these five twos and a half truth of Paul’s Farrington [00:36:00] at 55, um, that’s probably something that in the last probably three or four years, you’ve really like that Romans 12 two.

Um, how many times have we quoted that? Have we, you know, been in Bible camp or whatever, and talk thought, you know, memorize that verse, but never really looked at it the way you’re. You’re suggesting. So

Paul Swearengin: we thought renewing of our mind, reading the Bible and taking the interpretation, we’ve always known and learning it deeper.

Um, but, uh, you know, I’ve always been a contrarian and kind of like what really come on this, that doesn’t make sense. I just know now it’s okay for me to think that way. I’m not ashamed of feeling that way.

Ashley Swearengin: So I actually have a question that is slightly off topic for you. Um, You often say that repentance is not saying that you’re sorry for selling bubble gum and you’re a little, have you ever actually stolen anything?

Paul Swearengin: Aye. Aye. These are birthday confessions now.

Ashley Swearengin: Okay. Cause I have a story to tell, but

[00:37:00] Paul Swearengin: I really wanted playing cards and we couldn’t have playing cards because they were

Ashley Swearengin: for you when this is.

Paul Swearengin: That’s true. I always know by where we live, because we move so much. So I’m trying to think of the house. I probably was third or fourth grade.

I really wanted a deck of playing cards. I don’t even know why I wanted a deck of playing cards. I sure didn’t know how to play poker at the time. Um, so because my mom wouldn’t buy it for me. I, I pocketed it and brought it home. And somehow I don’t know how, but somehow everybody in the house knew, you know, it’s one of those things when you’re a kid, you know, man, they have ESP.

But I guess I was just acting really funky. And so I went and ran and hit him in my room and it was my older brother who found them and took them to mom and turned me in.

Ashley Swearengin: Yeah. Did you get your booty blistered?

Paul Swearengin: Huh? Absolutely. That’s what we did in our house. So yeah. Bless

Ashley Swearengin: your heart. Okay, so

Paul Swearengin: Tom, just put the link in for Patriot, by the way.


Ashley Swearengin: Tom. Okay. So my story, my

Paul Swearengin: story, I believe you ever did [00:38:00] anything wrong as a kid, you were such a straight laced kid.

Ashley Swearengin: I was responsible for like the entire universe, like my age six months. Yeah. Um, I did, I okay. I was in ninth grade and the statute of limitations has expired. So I can now share this.

Um, I had just moved to Fresno and I had moved three times, went to three different high schools. So this was like move to. Um, and you know, it was just like really struggling to fit in. And like, it was just a, I mean, ninth grade, you know, 14 years old, everything’s horrible and awkward anyway. And I had finally, some, some kids asked me to go with them to the mall, fashion fair, uh, here in Fresno.

And, um, after school go to Macy’s. Whatever, just a couple of girls, we were, I guess, just walking around and one of the girls, and if I thought hard enough, I could remember who it was. In fact I’m thinking, but I won’t, I will perfect. The not so innocent will only expose my own deeds here. I think she still lives in town in fact lives across the street from another friend of mine.

Anyway, [00:39:00] um, we went into the, the, the dressing room and the women’s section, and we put on multiple pairs of like those little Bloomingdale underwear that had come out about this time that had like the days of the week on the, but they were like these really cute trendy underwear. I put on like three pair of them.

Over my underwear and I walked out of the store with them. And I honestly, I was so terrified. It was a good thing. I was wearing like three pair of underwear. I think I probably, you know what my fans, I just, you like, and this was before sensors and. You know, even they wouldn’t have probably sent it those items, but I was walking

Paul Swearengin: yeah.

Plastic thing on it. So you couldn’t do

Ashley Swearengin: that. But I just knew that at any moment, like lights and sirens and like people were going to come with the spotlight and like draw a weapon off. Yeah. So that’s my story and I felt horrible

Paul Swearengin: about it.

Ashley Swearengin: Yeah. My parents did not find out, however,

Paul Swearengin: did you and you kept [00:40:00] them for an

Ashley Swearengin: yeah.

And I don’t, my parents were like super EagleEye by every little detail, which those of you who know me will be like, Oh, kind of like you are. Yeah. Cause like me. Um, and so they would have ended up in the wash or maybe I throw them away. I don’t know, but I didn’t, I never got caught for that. Anyway,

Paul Swearengin: thanks to Ray, by the way, who says happy birthday, Paul.

I actually thought religious people would have thrown you off a cliff by now, which is a reference to a Jesus story. He says, thank you for keeping me sane during the political season. Thank you, Ray.

Ashley Swearengin: God bless you, Ray. We love you.

Paul Swearengin: Raise a patron with us on our Patrion sites in Bev. Really awesome. Such your people.

Ashley Swearengin: We love them. Yeah. Okay. So that was number four. God is okay with you changing your mind. In fact, he commands you to do so. Yes. Okay. And you’re, and that the tie back to the underwear story is that repentance is, is about being willing to go in a different direction in your mind and in your heart, not so much about confessing your sense

Paul Swearengin: and, and it doesn’t [00:41:00] mean you have to change your mind.

It means you have to be willing to have your beliefs challenged. The, the reward of it is if you end up. Having your beliefs challenged and you still believe the same thing. Yeah. At the end of it, then you really know what you believe. But I think the key to that versus you won’t, you can’t fully know the will of God in a particular season, if you’re not willing to do that,

Ashley Swearengin: really what that is, you know, you make such great points when you point out how in the gospels, when Jesus in his day called people, his disciples, other people.

To do things that challenge their deeply held religious views and traditions, Jesus showed up and he said, that’s right. I want you to eat that thing that you don’t think you’re supposed to be eating. And it, I mean, if you can like, just imagine today’s tradition or something that you’re like, Oh God would never ask that of me.

Well, Jesus showed up and did exactly that. And so really what that verse 12 Romans 12 two is about is like, will you submit that even that. Will you submit it to God and say, Hey, you [00:42:00] shine the light on this. You come into this because more than wanting to be right about this particular belief I want you.

And so if you call me to let go of that thing that I’ve so tightly held onto, there is a freedom that comes from that. It’s

Paul Swearengin: really what you’re saying. I think part of it too, to piggyback on the story you’re playing with there. Um, sometimes when we say, Oh, I stand on scripture, my belief stand on scripture.

The truth is no, actually your beliefs stand on your interpretation of scripture, your chosen interpretation of scripture. And so the story you were referring to there was Peter and Jesus coming to Peter and saying, Peter. I know what scripture says. I know what you believe, but I’m telling you, you’re going to eat these animals that your Bible tells you.

It is sin to eat. Jesus told him to send, and he’s saying, you’re calling me, Lord, do I get to tell you to do something that violates your belief system and Peter’s answer. And I think if [00:43:00] you know what, I think it says, you know, surely, no Lord or something like that, but I’ve read commentators that said that answer is like, Hell to the, no, God, I will not do that.

Um, but what he was trying to say is it’s sort of, the scripture also says you can’t go visit the house of a Gentile and I’m going to tell you to go visit the house of a Gentile and you’re going to have to do it. And so, so I think people would say, Paul, are you saying Jesus will violate scripture? I don’t think so, but I think he will violate.

Our interpretation and our execution of scripture. So we’ve some of our really deeply held Christian godly beliefs. I think Jesus would say, would you violate that for me? Or is that your Lord or am I right your Lord, if I want you to love so body that your belief of scripture says you can’t, you don’t get the love.

We got a problem here. I’m not really Lord in your life. And so, yeah, I think, I think he wants to be Lord of us and not our interpretation of scripture

Ashley Swearengin: about it, like Jesus. And of course this was well [00:44:00] before jesus’ time as well, but, you know, Jesus was pushing in on deeply held racist views

Paul Swearengin: very much.

Ashley Swearengin: I mean, you know, the, the racial divide.

Was star. I mean like people hated him. The, you know, the Jewish people hated, deeply hated other races.

Paul Swearengin: Yeah. Marathons,

Ashley Swearengin: Gentiles

Paul Swearengin: justification for

Ashley Swearengin: hating. Well, they had been murdered and oppressed

Paul Swearengin: by them. So,


Ashley Swearengin: I mean, again, put that in today’s context. Imagine like in, you know,

Paul Swearengin: let me throw in one other point, like Jonah hated the Ninevites so much, he told God, I would rather be dead than live in a world where you’ll have mercy on those people.

I would rather be dead than live in this world if you’ll have mercy on that people, you

Ashley Swearengin: know, and I just like kind of lay that over the context of America and. The racial reckoning, the season we’re in, like, and just considering people still [00:45:00] holding onto like judgment towards, you know, like African-Americans or people of color.

Yeah. But you know, it’s really your fault because you have fatherless households or it’s really, you know, here’s all my lists, my list of white grievances. You know, against these other races and feeling principled, feeling principled and justified and holding onto that because we have found some like, well, you know, not, you’re not supporting a traditional family or you’re not living a character filled life.

And so all these things,

Paul Swearengin: I don’t know what it says on the BLM website.

Ashley Swearengin: That is to even question whether or not, if Jesus were to show up in person today, whether or not he would challenge those kinds. I mean, it’s. Game over read the new Testament. That is exactly what he was going after only it was even much more severe in that day, right?

Like this is, this is not a hard thing

Paul Swearengin: to connect. Well, let’s, let’s share from our own lives right now. Cause I have t-shirts that I’m selling on my website and one of them says, God [00:46:00] loves terrorists, presidents, immigrants, and even evangelicalism. And you found that t-shirt hard. I don’t love it. If you don’t love

Ashley Swearengin: it, it gets hard.

Paul Swearengin: And so what I was telling Ashley is when Jesus says, you know who the hero of the story is a Samaritan. The Samaritan is the hero of the story. That’s exactly what he was doing. He was saying something impossible for them to swallow. How could a Samaritan be the hero in the story? I prefer

Ashley Swearengin: that Jesus said, and not you, but maybe not

Paul Swearengin: yet.

Probably not walking in the flesh on the earth right now. So he needs somebody to say it for, but that’s. That’s how we get the feel of what, you know, we just hear Samaritan. We’re like, yeah, yeah. Samaritan.

Ashley Swearengin: Yeah. Like the Samaritans were so kind look at how they were treating this stranger. We, we, we assign all this affection and favor and grace to them because obviously they’re the heroes.

Paul Swearengin: And if he was telling those stories today on earth, he would say [00:47:00] here it’s, it’s the Muslim. That is, he wrote the story. It’s the black lives matter leader. That’s the hero of the story. All of the people we feel justified. It’s the liberal it’s speaker, Pelosi,

Ashley Swearengin: the gay or the lesbian.

Paul Swearengin: All of the people we feel justified to otherize.

And the president is fantastic at doing it too, to motivate us. Jesus would say those are the heroes of my story. And I’m going to sit with those guys and not with you. And we would hate him passionately for

Ashley Swearengin: it, just like

Paul Swearengin: my Facebook feed.

Ashley Swearengin: So really challenging, challenging thing, but it’s, um, You know what I feel like even right now, like my spirit is being loofahs.

Do you know what a loofa is?

Paul Swearengin: Yeah.

Ashley Swearengin: Yeah. Like it takes off the top layer of your skin or like a salt scrub. I’m getting salt scrubbed right now in my heart. Just being like, man. Well, I let the Lord rub off of me things that I have just allowed to be protective and [00:48:00] like beliefs and mindsets. Will I allow that to be challenged so that I can represent.

His true, radical and passionate love for, for the people that he created, the human beings he created, which I go back to your number three, if you don’t know who you are, how do you expect other people know who you are and just like having your identity set straight, like anyway. Okay. I

Paul Swearengin: mean, that was another good meme I had this week was when push came to shove and the people in the Bible had the chance to choose Jesus, the suffering servant of a Messiah.

Or Barnabas or Barabis, I’m sorry, Barabis the zealot. And you know what the zealots were, they were Jews that wanted to

Ashley Swearengin: burn it down.

Paul Swearengin: They wanted to militaristically overthrow a really corrupt government over them.

Ashley Swearengin: If Barabis had a social media feed today, there would be a picture of the Roman governmental structures on fire.

And [00:49:00] tweet would say burn it down.

Paul Swearengin: Yeah. I’m not sure. I like that. That’s not the right equivalency. I think Barabis would have a Trump 20, 20 thing on his Facebook page because he believed that an overturn of government was what was going to make Israel. Great. Again, that was. That was his belief system.

And, and when it, when push came to shove,

Ashley Swearengin: so, but burn the institutions down.

Paul Swearengin: Yeah, yeah. Everything get, let’s get the bull in the China shop. And at least maybe it will get some change. That was Barabis his belief and his why no, Roman governor wanted to be in Palestine because they’re like these Jewish people are crazy.

Um, and so Barabis believed there, and there were a bunch of zealots that believed let’s overturn the government, but when push came to shove and the people had the chance to choose this. Suffering servant Messiah this Messiah that said, I want to say those bad people not hate them and not be self righteous against them or the zealot who wanted overturn the government, the [00:50:00] religious leaders of the day compelled the people to say, we want the zealot, not Jesus.

And I think it’s really stark. What are our religious leaders would do today? When we have pastors of major churches in town saying if you don’t vote a particular way, you’re not a Christian. We are again saying let’s choose Barabis Barabis is the guy that’s going to make America great again and get us to where we want to go.

I know those are hard things for me to say sometimes, but again, I think Romans 12 two, God wants you to consider. There might be another way to think, and certainly the Jesus we’ve created and teach in our churches. I don’t believe it’s the Jesus we read about in the Bible when we really read the Bible.

Ashley Swearengin: All right. So we have one more

Paul Swearengin: and then, okay. It’s got heavier than it was supposed to.

Ashley Swearengin: This was just like feeling, feeling emotional right now. Okay. But it’s your birthday and we’re letting you know, this is like your top five list. So hopefully this is fun

Paul Swearengin: for you. So number [00:51:00] five, it’s going to be okay.

Okay. I like that. Now made this, you, you wanted me to do five and a half because it’s my 55th birthday. And so I almost made this the half because it really is only a half truth. It’s going to be okay. But that doesn’t mean there’s not going to be a boatload of difficulty in getting to, okay. I remember a day where you told me when I was going through kind of a rough time in life.

You said, what if. What, if you knew in X amount of time, the headline was going to be good. What if you could read the newspaper from two months from now and it would say the outcome was good. What if focused in, on that headline today? How would I act today? What would I do for myself today? And I think that’s so good.

Yeah. And so I think when we’re in the midst of all this craziness and nuttiness, what if we said it’s going to be good on the other side of this? Yeah. And as an example, what I use from the [00:52:00] Bible is the story of the boys in the fiery furnace and that they say, we think we’re done. I think we’re going to be preserved from this fire by God.

And if we’re not, and even if we’re going to do die by it, we’re still going to follow what God wants us to do. And I don’t think that’s, we’re going to have church services when the governor says we’re not, I think it is. We’re going to stand in alignment with. God who God wants us to be, rather than who the church says we may need to be, or if something else.

And the truth is they did have to go through the fire, but it was the fire of the furnace that actually burned off their ropes.

Ashley Swearengin: Right? Honestly, that’s a worry, that’s a great story to,

Paul Swearengin: and set them free. So I think what we’re going through right now is necessary for what God wants to happen to happen. And so.

When I say it’s going to be okay. That doesn’t mean there’s not going to be some chaos in calamity. In the meantime, I’m [00:53:00] very concerned about what November 4th looks like in America, but I know this, I can still look at the headline. In the future and say, it’s going to be okay. Even if I have to go through the fire, there is something of freedom coming.

Ashley Swearengin: And I think it’s even, it may even be God’s mercy that he is walking us through this time. That’s what I keep coming back to is, or my sense is I, you know, start to pray or like, think about things that are really distressing, you know? And, um, I just, I. I hear him say, this is my mercy. I’m going to get you through, you need, you need the fire to get this stuff off, you know,

Paul Swearengin: so, and I, and I just keep hearing so many Christians like, well, if, if such and such happens, then we’re going to be socialist or we’re going to be Marxist, or we’re going to be these environmentalist they’re going to take over, or you name it, all things that I think we can argue about of like where where’s the line for things, but there’s [00:54:00] so much fear.

If we don’t stand in the right place, it’s going to be this. Yeah. And maybe we’re missing that. God is saying, maybe I need you to go through that buyer for your bondages to be burned off. Maybe there’s there, something of that need to hang on to what is that’s creating a bondage for you? And Jesus actually said he came to set the captives free from bondage.

So I think if we could just relax and say no matter what. You know, cause, cause it really is what the religious people of Jesus, they thought if, if Jesus does what he’s doing, they’re going to take our religion and take our country. And they were so afraid of what that meant. And God was saying no on the other side of that is actually my plan for the world going forward.

And so it may be something of our desire that’s in the way of what God wants to do. And why would we want to do that? Because God wants to do is better than what

Ashley Swearengin: we’re going to do. I

Paul Swearengin: think that’s going to be okay.

Ashley Swearengin: Okay. So, um, I feel like we need to [00:55:00] kind of wrap a little bit, although I have one, one more thought just as you’re saying that, that there’s no way.

I mean, we could unpack that for, for generations, but you know, when this whole thing we’re going to be socialists, we’re going to be work that like, usually who’s

Paul Swearengin: traditional family.

Ashley Swearengin: No, but let’s stay focused on me sort of like the economic political scheme, because. Usually the people who are fanning that flame the most who animate that argument, who fund the campaign, you know, you know, the Koch brothers.

So these, but you know, the people right. Who like use that to help push, you know, to keep the narrative on fire the way they want it to be on fire. It is people who are, who have succeeded and are doing really well. They are the halves. Okay. They, and, and the current system in society works for them. Um, and so, so really, as that’s kind of bled into the church, like, Oh my God, we have to make sure we’re not socialists.

We’re not Marcus, whatever [00:56:00] really what we’re doing is we’re replacing our God. We’ve taken him off the throne and we’re putting on the throne. Instead, our economy. Yeah, and we are bowing our system, which is really propped up by the economy, at least in man’s terms. So we are bowing and we are worshiping that, right.

And I’m a person. I do economic development. I love business succeeding when people compete with excellence and integrity and they win. Like, I love that pursuit and I love the way in which, um, I love financial freedom and independence for people. And I want that for everybody. You know that I know, and in our Valley, um, so I’m not, I’m like I get that, but at the same time, there’s this real, like, I don’t know.

There’s like a, there’s a line you cross and there’s a slippery slope. And all of a sudden, you’re not trusting in God to ultimately your independence and to be your freedom giver and all of that. Like all of a sudden you’re trusting in. This, this economy and [00:57:00] I’m not, I mean, I just think that’s part of what God is asking us to evaluate, you know?

And, um, that doesn’t, that to me doesn’t mean, Oh, therefore Marxism or socialism, of course not. But what it does mean is am I willing to say, Oh, I’m relying too much on my own knowledge of how to like put in the ingredient and come out with financial reward. And ultimately I got to put my trust in God.

Paul Swearengin: Which takes us back to point number four, God is okay with us changing our minds, in fact, right? Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s hard to get the Bible says you cannot serve mammon and God. You. And I think today we would say, you cannot serve an economic system and a political system, and God, you have to serve God first and let the other things come into alignment with that.

And, and so what we see over and over and over and over and over again in the Bible is when the economic welfare of the country became more important than taking care of [00:58:00] people. The profits would come and say, okay, now we’re in trouble. Now we’re in trouble. We’re going to lose everything because comfort and safety and prosperity have become more important to us than taking care of people.

That’s why, if you read through some of the old Testament prophets, it says like, Oh, you fat cows. I mean, it’s pretty serious. You, you sleep on ivory beds and you don’t care that the poor are going hungry. And, and so. Again, this sort of right wing staunch Jesus that we’ve created is not the one we read about in the Bible.

The one that says, Hey, Boaz, when your field is really full and ripe, and you’re going to harvest out there, you don’t get to harvest around the edges because you’re going to leave that. Therefore the foreigners, the widows to come and get their food. So very, very different. God. Then I hear the right wing of angelical church teaching right now.

And that’s why it’s okay to think about.

Ashley Swearengin: So, um, I’ve taken my microphone off because I have a birthday surprise. I have to go get the other room, but, um, do you [00:59:00] have your, um,

Paul Swearengin: half like half my half truth is that it’s really cool to have your son born on your birthday. And it’s super awesome. So my son was born 18 years ago.

He’s not his 17 today. So this is the 18th birthday I’ve had where my son was. Having the same birthday. And so it’s, it’s really super cool. I love it. Um, but it also means you only get half a birthday. In fact, you get less than half of birthday. We’re give the older person because they’re not, they’re not quite as important.

So that’s why,

Ashley Swearengin: but I also like to say, at least you got a son because you know, as he’s gotten older, What does he want to do? Go to a baseball game or do things you like doing? If you, you had your second born had been a girl and she had your birthday, it would have been like, see you later, we’re going princess shopping or, you know, all I shouldn’t gender stereotype, maybe too.

She would want to go. I see the giants, but anyway, All right. Well, I hear our son waking his [01:00:00] 17 year old self, so it’s time for us to move on with our day and celebrate, but yeah, hold on everybody. Cause I have a surprise.

Paul Swearengin: Okay. Alright. I’m just seeing everybody, Rachel. Thank you for the happy birthday wishes.

Oh, it’s her mom’s birthday as well today. Ronald Isaiah chapter one really woke you up. All right. I’ll have to go back and look at what Isaiah one says. That’s good. Cindy says happy birthday. Thanks for sharing the truth about Jesus with us. Yeah. I would encourage you to go back and read the gospels and really say I’m going to put aside the verses that I thought were important in the past, and I’m going to really read it and say, what does this Jesus look like?

And what would he look like in our culture today? Because I think we’ve been, we’ve had this created idol of a Jesus rather than the one in the Bible. Oh my gosh. Here comes my wife. So, yeah. NPE That’ll take you to the website. And then in the upper right hand corner, there’s a Patrion button click on there, and I really would love [01:01:00] to get 55 new patrons.

We, you get access to a private. Uh, NPE Facebook group, um, we do special exclusive thing. You get, what are you doing? You’re shooting me back here. Um, and you get access to the audio book and some other cool things, but, but mostly it’s just a way of saying you mean something to be Paul Paul and Ashley, the message you guys are trying to deliver is important.

And we want to be, be a part of that. So here it is our birthday cake. 17 and double five, the salmon, Paul,

Ashley Swearengin: everybody happy Burt. Just kidding. Won’t

Paul Swearengin: do that.

Ashley Swearengin: Happy birthday. We love you.

Paul Swearengin: Thank you. Thank you all for the kind wishes and God, I love Facebook on birthdays.

Ashley Swearengin: There you go. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg.

Paul Swearengin: You have a different name for him, but you,

Ashley Swearengin: well, I

Paul Swearengin: can’t say it,

Ashley Swearengin: although I could, because they’re not regulated and I can say whatever the F I want on

Paul Swearengin: Facebook, [01:02:00] you, you change the first letter of his.


Ashley Swearengin: not hard to figure out. It’s not hard to figure out. We’ll leave it at that.

Paul Swearengin: Right. Well, we dug in trouble for custody on the, on the,

Ashley Swearengin: I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t go that

Paul Swearengin: far. And we don’t really mean that. We just think it’s kind of funny and clever to think of.

Ashley Swearengin: So, um, thank you guys for hanging out with us.

This is the start of a great birthday for Paul. Thanks to all of you. Hope you have a good rest of the weekend

Paul Swearengin: and a great week. God’s okay with you challenging your belief systems. I promise. And you’re valuable because you exist. Those are our big messages today. All right, we’ll see. Y’all.

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