What Are the Culture Wars & How Have They Impacted Millennials in the Church?

Did you know there has been a “war” raging in America since the 1980’s? The evangelical church began talking about a war to dominate culture in that decade and then Newt Gingrich effectively used it as a theme for advancing Republican causes in the 90’s.

While emphasizing the idea of a “war” for the heart of America might have been good for Christian politics, it left a mark on the Christian Church and the kids growing up in it.

Zach Malm and David Lester have the scars to prove they were young people caught in the middle of the culture war and now they’re talking about it on the Veterans of Culture Wars Podcast.

NPE host Paul Swearengin chats with these two to look at how the “Culture Wars” impacted a generation and how they see the future of the Church.


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