What Does it Mean to be Queer? An NPE Conversation about the LGBTQ+ Community

Terms like “queer” and people asking you “what’s your pronouns” can bring eye rolls, disdain, confusion or outright anger for people. But understanding and proximity can help us understand there are human beings on the other side of that conversation. And to them – these terms have important meaning.

Isn’t it worth it to know how simple changes in our behavior can so impact another person’s heart.

My friend Nikiko Masumoto is a creative, an organic farmer and speaks all over the world about her family’s food.

She’s also gay – or queer, the term she prefers – and her experience as a mixed-race, queer young woman in the evangelical church had an impact on her life.

Please listen to her story. Let NPE put a human face on the LGBTQ+ community.

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