What is an American? A Discussion About Race

How do we open ourselves to hearing the pain of others without it making us defensive or shut down? By making the choice to hear their pain and to feel our own. NPE’s Paul Swearengin listens to community supporter Ashley Rojas as she shares the pain of a people group that often feels unheard in our culture.

This conversation is challenging, but it’s brilliant. We are people who are called to allow our hearts to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Let some of the mind-renewal happen today as you hear the expression of pain and celebration of someone that might not fit your exact expectation of what it is to be “American.”

Ashley Rojas is an expert in the field of community care and activism as the Executive Director of Fresno Barrios Unidos. She’s also someone who has “put her money where her mouth is” having moved from the Bay Area where she had amazing opportunities, to Fresno, CA to really deal with the mess of caring for people who need the resources to be able to care for themselves.

Don’t miss this chance to feel the pain of those around us and to understand more fully some things we might not understand on our own.

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