“… But the Economy’s Good…”

What if truth no longer matters and our partisan bubble becomes our only outlet for information? We become vulnerable to losing our eyes to see and ears to hear the truth and heavenly insight in a time in history.

Paul Swearengin, the host and founder of the Non-Partisan Evangelical talks about what we can learn from today’s crisis and the danger of losing value in truth, of honoring different mindsets and in having our core beliefs challenged so our minds can be renewed.

What can we learn from our fight together against the Coronavirus? We’re seeing in real time the outgrowth of the mindset that says “I wish the President wouldn’t (tweet, lie, make fun of people, etc.) but as long as the economy’s good…”

If Christians are called to have a “sound mind” then shouldn’t we be willing, more than anyone else, to hear hard truths?

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